Thursday, March 05, 2009

Click to Donate to Save the Children

Intel is sponsoring a fundraiser for Save the Children (Intel is working with Save the Children to provide education to children in war-torn countries) and Kiva (which gives micro-loans to support small businesses). I know Shifter and I have relatively little pull with the universe, but I'd like to summon our fan base to exercise their awesome power and click for the children--it costs you nothing. And it costs Intel something, if that's your thing. And kids get to go to school. Click!

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Shifter said...

I clicked and clicked. I have to point out that when I first saw this post though I thought it said "Click to save the chicken." I had a vague thought of some chicken in front of a camera with a gun to its head, and a sign saying "click or the chicken gets it." I was somewhat relieved to see we were donating to children instead of saving hostage chickens.