Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bragging is bad luck

Well, a few days after our triumphant post on how much we rock and the well of our inspiration dries up. Should have kept my mouth shut! Ah well, such is life. I wonder how many other cliches I can manage to pop into this post.

Well, as a random thought, anyone watching American Idol this year? It's not the kind of show I normally go in for (truth to tell, I only watch about an hour of TV a week, not counting obsessions like the good Doc Horrible) but we have a kind of family tradition of watching the final 12 with my wife and my 2 daughters. I tried to watch it tonight and it for some reason bored me to tears. Maybe it's always been that boring, or maybe it's a bad bunch, or maybe there's only so much of a formula a person can stomach. I got in a good nap though, and that's always nice :o)

More inspiring posts to come, dear imaginary readers, never fear. The temperature is going to be above freezing for 2 days in a row this week, and that's sure to get the old creative juices flowing!

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