Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What I Won't Miss About Brooklyn

Well, first of all, I won't miss living in Brooklyn and working somewhere else.  I do the "reverse commute" away from the city every morning, and it's still obnoxious.  I don't know how the people who drive into the city stay sane...oh, wait.  Maybe they're all crazy to begin with!  In just a few days (18 and counting) I'm moving closer to work, which means I'll get to eat breakfast when it's not even a weekend, and I can arrive at work fully caffeinated.  Plus I'll be able to get home at a decent hour.  You know you're tired when all your fantasies about meeting a nice man involve sleeping with him--actually sleeping.

But tonight was extra obnoxious.  My carpool buddy and I stayed late (because we totally weren't looking at the clock at 5:30) and I got back to the city at 8:00.  And there was apparently some kind of international conference in the parking garage.  It was awful!  There's really only room for one car in the driveway, and there were cars passing each other going in and out.  The garage staff were parking cars on the sidewalk in an effort to make enough room in the garage for them to drive cars into the elevators.  After waiting patiently for my turn on the street while three different jerks zipped by me and into the garage, I finally left and found a metered spot, stashed my car for an hour at the meter, and came back later when it was less frantic.

But it made me think something that I think a lot, which is that it must be nice to be a complete and utter jerk.  After all, all the jerks got to park right away.

That's okay though, because this morning I let someone merge in front of me to avoid a stalled car, and I got a little wave.  I was pretty sure that the little wave was illegal in New York--indeed, that it was punishable by death.  But no, it's alive and well, at least in Queens.  Which makes up for all the jackasses who cut me off at the parking garage.

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