Thursday, March 26, 2009

My favorite site for today

I was working on some statistics at work today, putting together some item parcels for a structural equation modeling thang. Anyhoo, I needed to randomize the items for each factor. In the old old days, I would have just written a program in BASIC or QBASIC to do the randomization for me. It would have taken about 10 minutes. But no computers these days have BASIC or QBASIC running (yes, I'm that damn old and very very out of date) and I didn't feel like messing with the Visual Basic interface and, well, I'm lazy. So I did a quick web search and came across Very cool site. All your randomization needs on one site, very easily accessible, free, and just kind of cool. So if you've got a bit of math geek in you, check it out! Oh, and I believe my brother may have suggested this site to me a few years ago - I forgot all about it until I found it by, if you'll forgive me, random chance (ha ha). But props to my bro - he's years ahead of me.

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