Monday, March 09, 2009

Get a room, Brooklyn!

This weekend was glorious weather in Brooklyn (in a week that started with a huge snowstorm), and spring was quickening in every living thing, and you know what that means.  Yes, couples everywhere--girls leaning back against their boyfriends on stoops, couples lingering over the Times in coffee shop windows, pairs of happy humans sauntering hand-in-hand along the sidewalks and pausing to canoodle on street corners, and drunk couples giggling and falling against each other on the streets into the wee small hours.  I didn't go to the park, but I'm sure it was lousy with cheery boyfriends and girlfriends.
I'm ashamed to say I found it quite overwhelming.  Normally I'm a sort of benevolent spinster in the face of all this couply sweetness.  But it was just everywhere you looked this weekend, and I had to restrain myself from hissing at the couples shuffling along with agonizing slowness, eyes locked on one another, and all wandering hands.

Who me?  Bitter?  Heavens no.

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