Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Novelists blogging

There have been some interesting blogs and articles put out by novelists about being novelists who blog lately. The most interesting one I've read is here, and is from Guy Gavriel Kay, who is one of my fave fantasy authors. He's essentially commenting on how authors blogging open their lives to their fanbase, with lots of perks and perils arising from there. I check a few author blogs from time to time (Patrick Rothfuss's, Neil Gaiman's, sometimes Scalzi's - can you tell I like sci fi?) and I found Kay's take on the whole idea very interesting. Perhaps in part because I've been working on blogging more consistently to our imaginary readership, so it's on my mind. So if you happen to be someone who reads author blogs check it out. By the way, the article reads exactly as I would expect an article by Guy Gavriel Kay to read.

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