Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Andy's back!

Because I worked out as soon as I got home last night, and because I'm still mildly jet lagged from my trip to the UK, I passed out before Conan's debut on the Tonight Show.  I don't normally watch late night shows.  I love Conan O'Brien--what's not to love?  He's a pasty white Irish boy, he's personable, and he's sexy in that skinny misfit way that's probably the male equivalent of girl-next-door sexiness.  I Tivo'd last night, and I'll Tivo tonight, and who knows, maybe at some stage I'll get into a routine I used to have a long time ago, where I'd eat breakfast and watch Conan's monologue.  Of course, that would require that I remember to eat breakfast.
I couldn't wait, though, to hear how it went, so I went straight to my man JP at Time Magazine, who was pretty enthusiastic.  Granted, New Yorkers want to see Conan make good, but I trust JP's opinion, and I was glad to hear that Conan's set is a nod to classic late night TV, just the way his Late Night set was.
But the thing that's going to make me run home and fire up the Tivo is the opportunity to see Conan and Andy together again.  I've missed their companionable humor over the last few years, and I can't wait to see them again, even if it'll take a while for them to find their LA balance.

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