Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frigging virus ... update

Welllll, just thought you'd all like to know that my wife's PC is now working fine again. The combination of MalwarBytes, Norton, and Adaware seemed to fix it up. Oddly enough, the full Norton scan I did as a final sweep did find one last file with Koobface on it, which it then took care of. Not sure if that's because Koobface was somehow interfering with the scan before I malware bit it, or some other odd factor.

The weirdest thing about the episode, though, was that some nice lady named Emily posted a message saying she works with Norton and would be happy to put me in touch with their customer service people. Which was, well, nice. I didn't publish the message because it had her contact info on it, and I personally am paranoid about putting non-anonymous contact info on the web. I also didn't email her because, well, there goes my anonymity (are you noticing a theme here??). But I did want to say thanks to Emily for the offer. And let her know that it's all ok on the wife's PC.

But then I thought, what kind of crazy customer service is that?? To actively search out dissatisfied customers via web search to offer to help? I mean wow, that's over the top. If the IRS had that kind of customer service department, it would require a staff of about 10 million people :o) Unless Emily just happens to be a regular imaginary reader, which seems too far fetched for me. If you are an imaginary reader, Emily, no offense. I just assume you dont' exist (see previous posts on this subject).

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