Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Shoes

Not to be confused with Dancing Choose, that awesome TV on the Radio song (yes, that was a shameless attempt to get a TVOTR reference in here - shameless but effective, baby!).

But anyway, I bought new shoes. That sounds anticlimactic but it isn't, oh no, it isn't. Because these are not work shoes (Payless black, bought the same damn pair the past 8 years). Oh no, these are running shoes. And that makes them sexy. They're Saucony Triumph 6's. Triumphs, baby! Powerful name, for powerful shoes. Thundering shoes of awesomeness. Birds fall from the sky when I wear these things. Well, I assume they will when I wear them. I just bought them so no bird tests just yet. But you'll see. So I've got the Triumphs, and nothing can stop me now. Other than a bad summer cold. But I digress.

I'd really like to post a picture of these cool shoes. They're white, with black and red trim. They're sleek. They're sexy. They're absolute chick magnets. They're fast. If they came with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty they'd be a car! And they cost almost as much.

But as much as I love them, I find them a little deceptive. Like any lover on a first date, they lie to me just a bit. Their name, for instance. The Triumph. Who do they think they're kidding? I'm not a runner who triumphs. Hell, if I was a runner who triumphs I'd have an endorsement deal and they'd have to pay me to wear their freaking shoes. I'm a runner who doesn't die. That's about it. I can run a sub 4 without dying. There's your triumph. So really, they should name them the Saucony Don't Die 6's. That'd be a bit more honest.

The other deceptive thing is they have, I swear to god, a new shoe smell. It's like a new car smell, only it won't do 0 to 60 no matter how long you have. It smells faintly of rubber and synthetic mesh, it's very sexy. But it's a lie, because these are running shoes, and they will only ever, ever smell this way until tomorrow morning, when I take em out for the first 7 miles. After that I won't know how they smell because, frankly, I'm not gonna sniff em. Would you? We wear these shoes for 300-500 miles before they wear out, and we sweat every single mile, rain or shine. So who wants to take a little snort? Frankly, I just hope I don't smell them after a while because when I do, it's not a new car smell. Not even close.

But deceptive or gorgeous, they're my new companions for the next 500 miles of fun. Long live the Triumphs. Here's to a glorious 4 months together.

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