Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A modest proposal

I recently was given the privilege of writing a funding proposal for our local network office. It was a small proposal, about $100k, to hire a staff member to expand services to rural areas. The details are unimportant. And you already have them. Anyway, because it was quite a small proposal in the grand scheme of things (we were asking for $100K out of an 18 million dollar pot that the network has to allocate) I kept wanting to call it "A Modest Proposal." Something in the back of my mind kept saying "you're telling them to eat their children." Oddly enough, that thought made me want to use the language all the more. Not that I want them to eat their children, even our network isn't that bad off financially (ha ha) but just the twistedness of it. Can you imagine those facility heads and network leads getting an email entitled "A Modest Proposal?" I think if I'm ever on my way out of this line of work and I've got one last email to go, I'll draft a Modest Proposal and send it on to the whole facility. It could be pretty cool I think. It wouldn't involve eating kids though. I can come up with some equally satirical modest proposals more tailored to my setting, I'm fairly certain. And if I do, why, I can post them here as well! So stay on the look out, dear imaginary readers, for a few modest proposals. If you see too many of them you know ol Shifter is about to lose his job!

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