Monday, June 15, 2009

The Finish Line For You...The Start For Me

After our weekend from hell, where our entire project team worked until 2 a.m. Friday (technically Saturday), then the test lead and I worked until 1:30 on Saturday (technically Sunday) and then the test lead and I worked for at least another 4 hours on Sunday, everyone gets to go home early today.
Everyone except me.  I have about 30 hours of paperwork and fiddly crap to deal with to get this into production.  Then I can start on the other 90 things that have been on hold forever.
I dearly hope that I get to go home early someday.  I pray that someday I get some kind of payback for the insane amount of time I did last week.  But it ain't gonna happen now.
Am I bitter?  Yes.  I'm afraid I am.  They deserve to go home.  I'm happy that they get to go home.  One woman on our team in particular has been putting in long hours despite being pregnant, and she's getting a week off in recognition of her extraordinary service, and thank God.  But...I wanna go home, too!

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