Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crickets and a Scary Thing

So the ants are gone. Apparently during the week that I was in the UK they decided I was never going to feed them again and left for greener pastures. And the centipedes are invading less frequently, thank goodness.

But now there are the crickets. Loud little bastards. At least one of them sneaks into the house every night and starts calling for its miniature lover all night long. Thank goodness they can't get up the stairs, and between the fan in front of the window and my book on CD I can't hear them, so they aren't keeping me awake. But they are slowly driving me mad while I watch television.

And there is some other creature leaving tracks in my carpet. I haven't seen the actual creature yet, but it must be fairly large, because the tracks are pretty deep. They seem kind of worm shaped. It's very scary. They sort of trail away in the middle of the dining room, and there's no trace of where it went. I'm hoping one of the crickets ate it, but I have the distinct feeling that it's probably building a cocoon somewhere so that it can bust out in a month or two and fly upstairs and kill me in my sleep.

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