Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Prairie is a stupid word

I mean really. How damn bizarre can a word spelling get. I know "bureaucracy" is pretty hardcore, but "prairie" has got to take the cake. Do you know how hard it is to write down the title "Little House on the Prairie" for your little girls when the goddamn prairie is spelled like that? Let me tell you, it's hard. I've got it spelled 8 different ways in 8 different places and I'm just hoping they never actually have to read it cause they're going to think their dad has lost his mind. They'll think I've got multiple personalities running around in my head changing my spelling. And they'll be right, because I went insane spelling prairie.

Oh, and one more thing. What the hell is a prairie anyway? Is it a field, a meadow, a plain?? If so, why isn't it Little House on the Meadow. Meadow is a nice word. I can spell it and I know what it is. Field, ditto. Hell, I could even do Little House on the Plateau. You see? I can spell plateau! And I know what one is. So fine, let's go with that, shall we? Miss Ingles, or her ghost, you don't mind if I change the name of one of your books to something a little more humanitarian, do you? Humanitarian as in it drives a few less humans insane? Little House on the Plateau? Great! I didn't think you'd mind. Thanks, half-pint.

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