Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peter Gabriel

While browsing around on the internet tonight, trying to get over the shock of a comment that seems to at least have the possibility of coming from Felicia Day (*gasp*), I came across some Peter Gabriel videos on Youtube. I honestly can't remember how I got from there to here - Felicia Day is to Peter Gabriel as aquamarine is to penitentiary, if you see what I mean. Peter Gabriel, though, is just freaking awesome. I've been listening to his music since I was listening to, well, music. I started with So, which was a relatively trendy/pop album but had some really cool songs on it (Mercy Street, anyone?) and then when I got his next album (Us) it was so awesome I picked up pretty much everything of his I could find. He writes good music, and he writes great lyrics, and he sings them really well, and well he's just awesome. My wife once said that if she had to pick a song for my funeral she would take Solsbury Hill (great choice, by the way). So the point is I haven't blogged about him anywhere near enough, and if you're in a Peter mood here's a link for Sky Blue, off his last album. Not my favorite song on there (More Than This and Signal to Noise both are amazing) but a good song and a nice version.

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