Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Hidden Driveway"

Have you ever seen those "Hidden Driveway" signs? We've got one kind of near our house, just before this turn where, it turns out, there is a hidden driveway. I've always wondered how pissed off the home owner must be about the sign. I mean, they go to all the trouble to put in a hidden driveway, kind of like the secret entrance to the Batcave, ya know, and then some idiot comes by and puts up a sign announcing its existence. It is now considerably less hidden than your average driveway, which at least does not get proclaimed to every driver with a big yellow sign. I'm sure there's many a non hidden driveway I've gone by without noticing it, but this hidden one, I see it every time. "Bat Cave here - Bat man is [IN/OUT]".

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