Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Felicia Day clip

I have a confession to make. I'm not in love with Felicia Day. I feel quite bad about this. It makes me an outsider. It seems like every time I see someone mention Felicia Day online there's drool oozing out of the monitor and hearts and stars exploding in the electronic background. It's not that she's not funny and talented, because she is, and it's not that she doesn't seem nice, because she does. It's just that she's not, well, a Goddess. No offense Ms. Day. However, just in case some of our IR's are totally addicted to the Guild, huge fans of Dr. Horrible, or just screwy over Felicia Day here's a clip of her talking about all of those things at a recent comicon. This ends your public service announcement.

1 comment:

Codex said...

I never claimed to be a goddess, no offense taken :) I'm glad you think I'm funny and talented that's all that counts!