Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Black Adder is a great show.

I figure with an opener like that I can't go wrong. But seriously, Lord Black Adder I, II, III, and IV all rocked. (I rocked less than II, III, and IV, but still rocked - Baelzibubbles got a lot of cool points). Seriously funny humor. Sarcasm so thick you could use it as a mattress. Just cool.

One episode had this German prince/spy named Evil Prince Ludwig, with the worst accent ever. He swore he'd have his rewengee, for example. He also offered "many many a - pull - o - gees" (not sure how to get across how he said it) which is the tie in to the post.

So anyway, my apologies for not posting much at all in the past few months. I was chatting with my sister on Facebook (can you believe it - I'm facebooking!!! Damn weird of me) and she put her finger right on it. In essence, when all I've got to say is "f@#k, f@#k, f@#k!" then I don't tend to write very good posts. As I don't think people want a diary blog, and I think even less do they want a whiny diary blog ("Did I tell you I was grumpy today?"), I end up with nothing. If you can't say anything nice, and all that.

So I owe you guys a post summarizing the triathlon, at any rate, as you all had to read about the training for it. And yes, i have read some other books than the one I posted about 3 months ago. And I had one economics blog post that I really liked (not my own, but I was going to link to it) so those things should be coming at some point. In the mean time, I shall have my rewengee!

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