Saturday, February 20, 2010

HCR not dead??

A few posts, by Krugman, then Obama's speech, and then another by Jonathan Chait that is linked to by Krugman, have me thinking now that healthcare reform is not actually dead. Which is both hopeful and alarming. It's hopeful because, well, it's hopeful. It's alarming because why the heck didn't I realize that these options were still out there? It's a confusing system, and I guess I'm not tracking it anywhere near as closely as I thought. Too many books on tape, I suppose.

BTW, this is not to say that HCR will necessarily to succeed, but it's probably too early to hold the funeral if those two posts are on target.

Also BTW, Krugman is not at all an Obama fanatic - he gets really irked at his fiscal policy (he thinks he should be doing still more stimulus), but the author of "the Conscious of a Liberal" is going to at least share some viewpoints.

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