Saturday, February 20, 2010

Curling. WTF?

I was at a bar last night and looked up at the big screen TV and saw a weird, weird thing. There was this girl, in an ice rink, who was very very carefully sliding this thing that looked like a metal urinal cake across the ice. And as soon as she released the urinal cake, these other 2 girls with what looked like squeegees ran in front of the urinal cake, squeegeeing for all they ere worth. They squeegeed right in front of the cake until it got to this circle and then stopped and it slid into the circle. And this, as it turns out, is the Olympic sport known as "Curling."

Now I've heard of curling but I'd never seen it and so I never knew just how, well, how WTF it really is. This makes the biathalon, that wondrous combination of cross-country skiing and target shooting, look downright normal. BTW, isn't that a fairly random combination for the biathalon? I'm thinking they should do unicycle riding, cross-country unicycle riding, followed by billiards. You're still "shooting," after all.

So that's what curling is. My apologies to any curlers out there. I truly know, and accept, that you'll watch a marathon runner at mile 23 limping and sweating along and think "distance running, WTF?" and you're just as right about that as I am about this. But squeegees?

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