Monday, February 22, 2010

Triathlon results

Ok, so you all had to read a lot of posts about the damn thing, so I figure I owe you a breakdown of how it went.

First, neither I nor any of the 2 guys I signed up with put together that the event was on Superbowl Sunday and our slot would go into the beginning of the game. Whoops. Not that I'm a huge football fan, mind you, but both of my friends are. It's a mark of their devotion that they competed anyway.

Second, the swim was disappointing. Although I swam the whole way through, I swam slow. Slower than the last time I did it, in fact. So that sucked. I didn't train as long or as hard for the swimming this time around, and I didn't try all that hard, but still. I ended up 13th of 18 on the swim.

The bike went ok. I am still surprised that the miles for the bike were not higher for the competitors overall. I expected a lot of 10 miles or more, and there were very few. I finished just over 9 miles, and that scored reasonable well in my age category (I was 9 out of 18 for the bike).

The run, I felt, went well. I did over 3.5, which is a good pace considering I'd been swimming and biking for the hour before. I was 6 out of 18 on the run.

Overall I was 8 out of 18 for the 30 to 39 group, which was the 2nd most challenging group (the 25 to 29 people were insane). My totals were:
Swim: 0 .79 Bike 9 .05 Run 3 .56 Total 1 3.40

By way of comparison, the previous time I did this I was 21 out of 29 (for the whole thing - they had too few people to break it up by age group) and my totals were:
Swim: 0.88 Bike: 8.77 Run 3.09 Total 12.74

I am now officially above average. Honestly, for a professional couch potato like me, to be above average in any event is a good feeling.

So some definite improvement. I'm particularly proud of the bike, because I literally sat on a bike 4 times to train for this one, so it just goes to show my legs are stronger and my overall cardio is better, and the run, because that's an almost half a mile increase and it's a nice jump. I even had one of the organizers tell me it was a nice run, which made me feel all warm and slightly less nauseous inside when I finished up.

So, thanks for reading all the complaints and observations along the way. I'm hoping, hoping, to keep some swimming going but I'm not going to count on it too heavily. I'd do another tri if it didn't get in the way of the marathons, so we'll see.

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