Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I Will Be Pissed If Congress Fails to Reform Health Care

On the radio this morning I heard congressmen (sorry, no women, so yes, really congressmen) debating whether America would be pissed off if they failed to deliver on health care reform. Well, I can't answer for America, but I'll be hugely pissed. (Click to embiggen.)

We spend a boatload of money on health care and get ludicrously little to show for it. Our life expectancy is below average. We get fewer visits to the doctor for our money.

When we have a situation like this in IT, where we need to improve a system and two groups disagree over what needs to be done to fix it, we usually lock them in a room with a pot of coffee and no food and don't let them out until someone wins. Get some friggin' depends and buckle up, congress.

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