Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The danger of delayed posts

From time to time I'll have an idea for a post when I don't have time/will power to type it up. So I put an outline or a plotline or even just a word in a draft that I save, to remind me of this great idea. Then, when I've got time or energy or whatever I lovingly craft it into a beuatiful, if poorly spelled, post. You didn't know I put that kind of thought into this, did you?

I'm noticing that only about half of those drafts ever make it "to print" so to speak. And it's usually not because I never get around to it. Rather, it's that by the time I get around to it I no longer find it interesting or even don't necessarily agree with it. All of which is to say a few things. 1) I am as inconstant as the wind and 2) if you disagree with something I post don't feel bad, I may disagree with it myself in about a week. Oh, but also, 3) my opinion of Fox News Network is not subject to change. That is all.

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