Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Many Realities, So Little Time

There's a philosophical construct that suggests that our perception of reality is so subjective that, in effect, we all live in our own separate reality.  Normally I'd like to think of it as a Venn diagram, even if sometimes there's a person with whom the overlapping bit of our circles would be a teeny tiny sliver I like to call "gravity," but today, I think I agree.
Status Meeting for Giant Project:  "Everything is awesome.  There are only 3 issues, and we are all over their sorry asses.  Everything is fine.  Look!  Shiny!"
My Manager, in a message sent during the Status Meeting for the Giant Project:  "The queue is FULL OF ISSUES people.  Get moving.  Code those suckers and let's get them taken care of!"

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