Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LB2TR ... another task down

Wa Hoo! I got another thing solved on LB2TR. This one is laughably simple, so of course it took me weeks. I've been unable to get LB2TR to access my Windows PC on the home network. I tried and tried, which for me consisted of hitting the button to connect, watching it not work, then hitting it again. Yesterday when I was talking with my bro, who is much wiser about these things, I realized it could be the firewall blocking the connection. So today I turned off the firewall for 5 minutes on the Windows PC and BAM, there was the network. I moved some music files over that I had missed in my first transfer, then decided to configure the Firewall to recognize LB2TR as a friend. With the help of a simple ifconfig command in Linux I got my local IP address and then went to Norton firewall and made a rule allowing connections with that address. And the weirdest thing happened. It worked! I feel like such a grown up.

Now I'm off to play Harry Potter Clue with my daughters. I feel like such a child :o)

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