Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quick Update ... LB2TR

A quick update on Linux Box 2 - The Revenge (LB2TR henceforth and for all eternity). The parts arrived, the build went well, I TOOK PICTURES (so further posts are a-coming), and I've got Linux installed and running updates as we speak. So far it's been a remarkably easy, low key build (fingers crossed, knock on wood, and so forth). It's possible I'm finally, 4 or 5 builds later, getting the hang of this stuff.

And yes, it's quiet. Not so quiet I can't tell it's on at all (that's the dream, my friends, the dream) but MUCH quieter than it's brother sitting right next to it. I've got the case open as I type this (so I can see if any sparks start flying out of it) and even with the case open and right next to my head it's much much quieter.

So I'll put some pre-post pictures up soon, including Heatsink-Zilla, the very heart of LB2TR. But I'd like to wait until I can post those from LB2TR itself (so I can also check out the USB 2.0 functionality and photo editing apps, among other things). But so far so good.

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