Sunday, December 13, 2009

LB2TR update

Well, the thing is together, has been humming along all day, no problems, no crashes. I've got DOSBOX installed and am able to run HOMM2 and MOO, both favorites of mine, though HOMM2 for the moment has no music (which sucks, the music in HOMM2 is my favorite of any game I've ever played). I found a front end for DOSBOX that runs in Linux (DGBL, found here). I'm working on getting ALL my mp3's onto the hard drive, which will be nice now that I've got Amorak up and running and, even better, playing MP3s. For those who end up doing this, Amorak is not set up to run MP3s by default in Ubuntu because Ubuntu does not install the interface (codecs?) for MP3 or other proprietary formats in its default installation. You have to download those separately, and in my case I found a tip to install a second sound program that included the drivers which then allowed Amorak to do its job. So far I like the Amorak interface better than MediaMonkey (whose interface I've grown to not like) but I have not tried to work with the Sansa Clip just yet. That will be the true test, as that is where other apps have failed me.

In contrast with Xbuntu, which I ran on the smaller box, I'm finding Ubuntu to be more user friendly and Windows-like (even though that is kind of an oxymoron) but also much more resource intensive. Fortunately, this pc is in many ways the fastest rig I've got so it should be up for just about anything Ubuntu is going to need.

The current projects are going to be getting a linux-based lightscribe set up (I know, Lightscribe is purely cosmetic and maybe even worthless, but the drive I got has it and I want to use it for a project), get all my mp3's over, get DOSBOX running like clockwork, and start to try to do as much of my computing as possible on this box. That's the only way I'll get even a passing familiarity with Linux. As you can tell, I'll be giving you all ridiculously detailed updates as this progresses.

BTW, this update is brought to you by and on the insanely quiet, very cool LB2TR.

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