Thursday, December 17, 2009

Naked in the locker room

I feel that every now and then a quality blog, as we aspire to produce, needs a post about naked people in the shower. It just adds a certain, I don't know, maturity to a blog. A sense of worldliness, and comfort. Kind of like an Italian leather sofa does for a living room (I assume). Right?

So here is the annual naked people in the locker room, and you're welcome. I was taking a shower after a workout the other day, and I was there, and a few other naked guys were there, and a fully clothed guy was there working on one of the shower heads. He's a maintenance guy, I guess, and I suppose it didn't occur to him to strip down before coming in to work on the shower head, but maybe it should have. Because if you're a naked guy, surrounded by other naked guys, all taking a shower, well that's one thing. You keep your eyes straight ahead, you shower, and you dry off and get dressed. But you don't feel too weird because you're all in the same boat. But if you've got a fully clothed guy there, no matter how many naked guys there are other than you, you suddenly feel weird. It's like those dreams you have where you're naked and every one else around you is clothed and you're hoping they won't notice (or am I the only one who has those dreams?). SO there's fully clothed guy, and the rest of us, and it was awkward!

So what should be done? Well one option is to send fully clothed buys in there after hours so this doesn't happen. Failing that, perhaps a moderate approach. I'm not saying that mechanics should show up with nothing but their tool and a tool belt (get it? tool? I made a funny). But maybe they should do just a bit to make the rest of us feel better. Like taking off their shoes and maybe their shirt. Ok, so they may look stupid then, but I'll feel a whole lot better. And I'm sure that's their top priority, right? Right?

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