Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Swimming is a way to keep from drowning ... that's common sense!

Have I used that title before? Here's hoping not.

Yes, swimming training does continue. I'm up to doing 24 laps (2/3 of a mile) when I swim, but I can only do about 6 laps before having to stop and gasp for air for 30 seconds or so. This is way way up from the 10 laps I started with but far short of what I'd like before the triathlon. Running is coming back, and I've done 30 + miles the past 2 weeks and hope to do a 15 mile this weekend (assuming the blizzard doesn't keep me from leaving the house). Those fascists at the Y insist on closing for Christmas, which will interfere with my training schedule no end! Something about spend time with your family. Haven't they hear of balance? Swim/run in the morning, family in the afternoon! Well, maybe not Christmas morning, now I think of it. My daughters would probably riot if I left early Christmas morning to work out and they had to wait on presents. Ah well.

This post is dedicated to good old, dead (sadly), George Carlin, who is the author of my title. George rocked.

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