Monday, December 21, 2009

Rothfussian coolness

I've mentioned Patrick Rothfuss before, and no doubt will again. He's the author of Name of the Wind, a very readable, very cool fantasy novel (his first) and at least as he writes a very cool individual. I put his blog in the links section to the right, in case anyone hasn't hooked up with it yet. Rothfuss seems to be a person of great energy and enthusiasms. It screams in his writings and blog, and it makes me wonder if he's that high energy in real life. Can anyone be that cool in reality? But that's not what I'm blogging about.

No, what I'm blogging about is his current fund raising effort. He's doing his second annual fund raiser for Team Heifer, a charity he is sponsoring that provides, you guessed it, livestock to folks in need (aka I assume other countries). The way he is doing it is quite cool - he has gotten loads of authors and publishing houses to donate signed copies of their work to him, which he then either auctions off, or puts in a general lottery. He's got signed stuff from, among many many others, Brian Sanderson, Neil Gaiman, Katherine Kerr, George R.R. Martin, and Sarah Monette. He has some original typed manuscripts (the ones submitted to the publisher) and drafts of published books with author edits and all that. But what really caught my attention was that he's got a team of four people (including himself) who are auctioning off a reading and critiquing of your manuscript, if you have one. So some aspiring author has a chance to have their work read by either a hugely best-selling novelist or that novelists agent or another established author, or another agent. Which, I imagine, if you're just starting out as a writer, would be absolutely huge. The auction is already over and people ended up spending between $600 and $1300 on those reviews. Lotta cash, but I bet the winners are thrilled at the chance. It makes me wish I had written a novel.

It looks like other aspects of Rothfuss's charity event are still going, so if you're interested head over and check it out. And if you're not, well, fine, don't get a chance at a signed Neil Gaiman book! See if I care!

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