Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Swimming weirdness

Can you tell I'm on a swimming kick?

Ok, so I've been struggling to get my laps up in the swimming. I figure I'll do, what, half a mile or a bit more in 30 minutes? I can swim half a mile, but not without stopping. I swim a few laps, stop for breath for 30 seconds, swim a few more, and so on. But that's going to be embarrassing when I'm doing this indoor triathlon, because there will be all these swimming geeks making all the running geeks like me look like fools. They'll be cruising along, doing gazillions of laps, breathing every 3 minutes or something, and I'll be gasping through one lap at a time, with time for a quick nap between each lap. Or that's the fear.

So up until today, the most I'd done without stopping was 6 laps, which on the pool I'm swimming in is about 1/6 of a mile. Then today, I have no idea why or how, it just clicked. I did a lap, paused for a bit, then I did, get this, 14 more. Without stopping. I know those fish out there, the swimmers, will smirk when they read that but for me that was freaking HUGE. When I started this insanity a few months back I could only do 10 laps, and I was gasping for breath after each length, forget about the laps! Then I went and did 9 more, to get to the 24 I wanted, then I rested for a minute, then I swam another 4 just because. Twenty-eight laps baby! That's 3/4 of a mile. Slowly, with terrible form, but it's still something to be able to do it. This swimming thing is starting to come together.

So I should probably start thinking about sitting on a bike and peddling, at least once, before the triathlon. Just to round it all out.

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