Monday, February 23, 2009

Change Your Life!

Today I found a photo I didn't realize I was looking for. I've had a picture of this piece of the Berlin Wall on my desk for many years. It's your standard tourist photo, and over the years, I've been looking at it forever, until it became less a totem to remind me of the powerful experience of the art, and more and more an unsatisfying emblem of the original artist's message. I was just getting ready to take it to my desk at my new job, when I realized that it's warped inside the frame--which is a bummer, but as I said, it's not exactly the most imaginative photo ever taken. It looks a little like this, only not as exciting (photo from Wikimedia):

I went surfing the web looking for a good print, since mine is pre-Katy-owning-a-digital-camera. If I could find a nice piece of art that reminded me of how I felt when I first saw it, so much the better. What I found was this photo, which restores to me everything I loved about seeing it for the first time. Thought I'd share.

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