Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have you noticed that WE ROCK?

Yes, imaginary readers, it's time for Katy and I to acknowledge a hard reality. We kick butt. It's not easy to admit, it makes us blush a bit, and yes, we worry about envy from others but sometimes you just have to call a blog a blog and have done with it. You see, lo these many moons ago Katy and I looked out upon the barren wasteland that T&S had become over the past year and saw that it was Bad. Not bad as in content-wise. Well sort of. Bad as in no-content-wise. We were, between us, posting once every 2 months or so. That's like a year of a dog's life, isn't it?

So we had a meeting with all the blog regulars - Katy, myself, the scale, Mich Biehn, the guy who sings One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Songs and yes, Dr. Horrible (he wasn't here yet but he was planning on his big debut). And after sorting through various suggestions (destroy the world, rap another 5 minutes of Merchant of Venice every week, de donde es la casa roja) we settled on a simple but perhaps brilliant plan. Write more. Write like you've never written before. Write so much, in fact, that you get more done in 2 months than you did in the entire previous year.

And now it's done. Yup, check out the right side of the screen, baby! We've got 46 posts in now, and only 45 in for the entire year of 2008. Some may see that as a sign of patheticness in 2008 but "we remember it differently" (thank you Captain Hammer). We see it as a sign of uber-kicking-buttness. We owe ourselves a beer (or a glass of wine, depending on our sensibilities). And, just like an NPR fund drive, we hope to become Sustaining Members with ongoing regular contributions. And we really appreciate each and every one of our imaginary readers for reading through all of this, uhm, stuff we've been writing :o) Cheers!

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Katy said...

Woo hoo! I'd like to thank Shifter for sticking it out and for helping to pull the blog out of its slump. And many thanks to our imaginary readers. And the scale, of course--we couldn't have done it without you, buddy!