Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sleek Technology, Sleazy Technologists

I bought my second iPod a few months ago. It looks really sexy. I still haven't listened to it.

I lost all of my iTunes music when my last computer died and I couldn't find the backup I'd made (a backup is only a backup if you can find it--this one's going right in the book with my CD collection, which I dare not give up, for reasons I'll shortly explain). The iPod gladly accepted all my newly ripped tunes...but I'm having a little trouble integrating it into my life because I have to shop for replacements for all my chargers and cords. That's right--new iPod, new everything. And God forbid you wanted to keep using your old iPod--presumably now I'll have to have two of everything (I'm sure there's no vested interest in making the new technology backwards-compatible).

So then I tried out the Creative player that I bought to go running with. I was going to use it just for podcasts, but there's probably enough room on it to throw some music on--enough that I could wear my headphones and clean the house. Not so fast! Windows Media Player and the Creative MP3 player don't get along.

So I'm back to my iPod mini and my old Creative player (I find it interesting that the old Creative player had no issue getting stuff onto it). I'm sure I can fix all these problems, and I'm sure I'll enjoy these things and become addicted to them in time. But I'm feeling more than a little luddite right now.

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nkilkenny said...

My husband has been poking me about getting an iphone... he says I'll have to get rid of my itouch if I do this. Funny, but I have a sentimental attachment to this piece of technology because he gave it to me for our 1st wedding anniversary. Strange to be attached to a particular techno tool. (I know I can back up and save all my cool stuff too, but I don't wanna get a new toy). Also, I didn't download the upgrade until a few days ago because I just liked to use it for two things, my podcasts and watching my videos and photos.