Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Birbiglia on the Moth Podcast

Mike Birbiglia is really, really funny. I first heard Mike on This American Life. This American Life is one of my favorite radio shows on NPR--sometimes it's sad, but usually it's so funny that you really shouldn't listen to it through headphones on public transportation. You should probably listen to it even when it doesn't feature Mike Birbiglia. At any rate, the first part of this episode was Mike, and it was one of the funniest things I've ever heard--it's about a serious subject, but it's very funny (a little like when Christopher Titus does standup, only without the mother who can kill a man with only her bare hands and a cappuccino machine).

But the This American Life episode contains other material, much of which was frankly disturbing. So to hear Mike without losing sleep yourself, I suggest that you hasten to the Moth Podcast either at their website or at iTunes (home of the evil empire). It's sixteen minutes of Mike, and it's free. Totally free. Download it, forthwith. (Now. That means now.) Quick, while it's still available. If you haven't heard of the Moth, just hasten there forthwith and download it, and at the beginning they'll have a little blurb that explains what the Moth is.

And, as a small public service, it's my duty to inform you that if you live in the NY area, Mike's stage show, Sleepwalk with Me is playing through this weekend. I got to see it in previews on the same night he was on Conan, and I laughed so hard that I was literally holding my sides and wiping my eyes.

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