Friday, February 27, 2009

So what is a "Super User" anyway?

I was listening to NPR today (fund drive is going, call or click online today!) and they were throwing around a term I've heard before: Super User. They meant someone who listened a lot to their programs. They meant it admiringly, as in "wow, he's a SuperUser!" But I was just thinking since when did SuperUsers become cool things? Not a super producer, super contributor, super achiever, or super anything else, a super user. One who makes use of stuff. Nice and all, but deep down, aren't we all superusers? Anyone who is reading this is - you've got a computer, you're online just using away. Super! Did you drive to work today - super, you go user! But I guess what really made me wince was that I've dated a few superusers in my time and, well, it wasn't very pleasant. No, not technology superusers, people superusers. I've always thought superusers were kind of like the antichrist we had to avoid at all costs. As a super-usee I found the experience less than gratifying. But then, unlike NPR, I wasn't getting paid. Ah well - gotta go - surely there's some using for me to do later this evening.

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Katy said...

Try having it as your job title. Worse yet, try having it as your title when you're not even a user.

In SAP terms, superusers are usually supposed to be people who are exceptionally good at or interested in SAP. These people often get extra training and provide help to peers who struggle with the system or who want to learn new things. But generally they all have a job--like you'll be an accountant and a superuser, or a procurement expert and a superuser. You're a better-than-average user of the SAP system.

Once I had a job where my title was Superuser. Greeeeat. And it was even more confusing because I wasn't a user--I was just there to help the people who were and to help them improve the system. How can you be a superuser without being a user? Is that like becoming a manager because your dad owns the company?

Thank goodness our local NPR station just has members and monthly sustainers.